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Gasta LeX - Yacc Hardware counters
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Gasta : Gcc Abstract Syntax Tree Analysis
Guillaume Thouvenin (16/06/2001)


Our tool is distributed under GPL licence.

Release files : it's _not_ up to date. Use CVS for last development

All versions are available at
The current release is gasta-2.0.1

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By cvs : Using anonymous access.

cvs login
> When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.
cvs -z3 co gasta
cvs logout

You can browse the CVS
The current working version is gasta-2.1.1
Version 2.0.1 is available using the tag rel-2_0_1-final


Gasta User's guide (HTML generated by latex2html)

Guide describes structures and algorithms used in Gasta. A postscript version is available using CVS.

Gwenn Ha Du

ar Gwener
20 Ebrel 2018

last updated : 09/06/2004

 Comment about gasta
Gasta means Gcc Abstract Syntax Tree Analysis. The goal of this tool is to automatically annotate C code for splint (actually we focus on possibly null pointer)
 Comment about lex and yacc paper
This paper is an introduction to lex and yacc tools. It's in french.
 Comment about hardware counters
It's a tool which processes and displays information provided by hardware performance counters. It's also in french.

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